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Office of Fair Trading to study Residential Property Management services

The OFT last week announced that it intends to launch a market study into the residential property management field for leasehold property in England and Wales.

Ahead of the study the OFT has invited interested persons to tell them about what areas they should be concerned about. Their Press Release sets out what areas the OFT is particularly interested in and so if you are involved in this sector you should be reviewing this and consider what if anything you want the OFT to look at.

Recently leasehold law does seem to have come on to the political agenda so it will be interesting to see what steps the OFT takes following on from its investigation into retirement home security services.

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  1. Alan Roper says:

    Our freeholders’ London Land Securities Ltd have had an appalling record. They have issued numerous bogus accounts to the independent leaseholders with a time duration where they state the leaseholders will be taken to court. No court action has ever taken place. Currently we have a third Receiver Manager for the block of 32 flats, 8 of these flats are owned by independent leaseholders the other 24 are owned by the freeholders, many of which are under assumed names. The assumed names purchased their flats from the freeholder for £1 each approx a decade ago. None of the bogus names have ever paid council tax to North Norfolk District Council!

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