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Gas Safe Register reaches NI

The Gas Safe Register took over from CORGI in providing landlords gas safety certifications for England and Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man in April 2009. Despite a few small issues they appear to have been fairly successful and have run a significant advertising campaign.

From 1 April 2010 the Gas Safe Register will be taking over from CORGI in Northern Ireland as well after the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland decided that it would be in their best interests to follow the same system as the rest of the UK.

Gas engineers should already be registering with the new scheme and agents and landlords should make sure that their regular engineers have done so well in advance of the changeover date as any certification produced by an engineer not registered with the new scheme after 1 April 2010 will not be valid. All engineers registered with Gas Safe will carry an ID card and an example of this can be found on their website. Hopefully, a similar advertising campaign will be launched in Northern Ireland to promote the new scheme.

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