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New Fire Safety Guidance

LACORS has created new guidance on appropriate standards of fire safety in residential rented accommodation.

Previously there was a requirement for properties to be fire safe under the HHSRS or when applying for an HMO licence but there was little information on what fire safe meant which led to a wide disparity of standards between different local authorities.  LACORS has taken best practice and ideas from around the country and combined it into one document.

The standard required depends on the size of the property and its anticipated occupancy. HMOs and larger properties will need to meet a higher standard. For most landlords the main issue that will cause concern is the requirement that all properties should have a mains-powered, battery-backed, smoke detection system.

It should be remembered that the guidance is just that, guidance. Therefore there is no legal requirement for a property to fulfil the standard before it is rented. However, if the property is inspected by the local authority for the purposes of the HHSRS or HMO licensing these are the type of standards they will expect.

More information on the guidance can be found here.

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